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How did I get here?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Someone asked how I got here well.. I discovered the pier when I donated a piece for a charity art auction (make a wish Philly I chose specifically because I spent a lot of time at chop when I was younger)

For the first time I watched local art sell for thousands by auctioneer Neil Hartman the award winning sportscaster in Philadelphia for nearly 3 decades. I was amazed at the talent and connections art had the ability to make and also how much courage it takes as an artist to share your work. My mind started to open to a whole new world. I decided to dive into this field from the legal field with all the odds against me after a concussion that shifted my entire perspective on working for a paycheck. I had to take a lot risks and sacrifices while I heard endless amounts of negative feedback.

(thank you to the few that always believed in me)

I forced myself to step out of my comfort zones (I’m awkward this wasnt easy lol)

A year later I ended up exactly where I’m meant to be. I used to have a “perfect plan” but I had to learn to stop trying to force life to “how I thought it’s suppose to be.”

Let life happen and embrace it. Even the pain, channel it into something good for you.

I went from selling nothing to selling a painting within 3 hours of posting during covid, having work in places like Italy and Cali, became a fellow of CFVEA and now I’ve been given the opportunity to connect with the community of Philadelphia through art and work for myself.

I’m the youngest artist at the pier and a full time single parent.

note: i'm not one of those people who had life handed to them.. I had to work hard.

Dream big and chase whatever you want in life, no matter what.

I promise, it’ll be worth it. 🖤

Stay happy and healthy,


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