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Holiday Updates

One major announcement I have is that I recently accepted a 2nd grade art teacher position in Philadelphia!

I was grateful to be discovered by a director in University City on CFEVA’s artist directory after a year of partnership. I have already started shifting some of my creative focus to lesson planning and outlines for my new classes and I am so excited to see where this journey leads me.

These classes are designed off of a dynamic therapy style requiring one to participate in their own healing or growing through participation in expressive creation. I will be teaching similar classes focusing on colors/emotions in the near future that will be open to the public at Cherry Street Pier (Covid permitting)

Did you know early writing such as Egyptian hieroglyphics used pictures of objects such as animals or birds to convey messages? These methods of communication through art are just one example of the therapeutic connection to the natural human urge we all have to create something. Most people don’t stop to realize that since ancient times art has played a huge role in communication, health, and symbolic expression which has been a part of healing rituals dating pretty far back. The history connecting art and mental health is extraordinary!

(a to-be continued topic in future blog posts for sure! Feedback on your own understanding or experience is always welcome! I am always looking for artists to collaborate with on this topic.)

I will also be honored on a talk show through Empower Woman Philly!

The dates have yet to be released for this but following that I will be featured in Virtuous Woman Magazine! I have still been diligently working to use my fine art to connect with organizations in the city to help provide more after school expressive programing in the arts.

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You can find me at my studio on the weekends where you can view and purchase my work. (with a mask) Individual workshops will be by appointment only for the time being.

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I hope everyone has happy and safe holidays!

Samantha Billig

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