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Colors & Psychology

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

The first time I heard about ‘color psychology’ was in 2013 at school when one of my instructors were discussing marketing tactics. Referencing McDonald's using the colors red and yellow to attract billions of people to their restaurant; making them the richest restaurant in the world. For example the color red stimulates appetite, can make you feel hungry, and excited, while the color yellow stimulates warmth and comfort (hense why kids are drawn to it) so combining the two colors has reeled in many people with the color scheme alone. Woah!

So how does color affect our mind and bodies?

Perceptions of color tend to be subjective and like anything, everyone has their own opinion so keep an open mind. The red areas on the colors spectrum including yellow, red, orange, sometimes referred to as warm colors can evoke emotions ranging from hostility and anger to comfort and warmth.

On the other side of the spectrum, is cooler colors such as green, purple, and shades of blues. These sort of colors can make us feel a sense of sadness or indifference but also for some could evoke calmness and relaxed emotions.

A deeper look!

I’m not going to give information on every color but I will use one color and share some things I learned that I found interesting about the color blue.

(Personally I find this color to be calming, however I do love the ocean and find that whole color scheme to be serine)

-Did you know that blue is often used to decorate offices? Research has shown that people are more productive in blue rooms.

-Blue is one of the most popular colors!

-Blue is one of the least appetizing colors. Some weight loss plans go as far as recommending eating your food off of a blue plate. Which makes sense because blue rarely occurs naturally in our food, aside from blueberries and some plums. Humans are also geared to avoid foods that resemble poisonous colors and blue coloring in food is often a sign of spoilage or poison.

-Blue is seen as a sign of reliability and stability. So businesses that want to project an image of security, often use blue in their advertising and marketing plans. (police and security)

-Blue can actually lower body temperature and your pulse rate!

That was a lot to absorb but that's just one of many colors, imagine educating yourself on all of them - the new things you would learn would surprise you, I'm sure! I actually decided to look into colors more when choosing colors to decorate my house. Having a really stressful work life or life in general made me want my home to be as serine, inspiring, cozy, and comforting as possible. After looking into colors further I was able to find the perfect scheme for my home. I mean we should all be enjoying our living space as much as we can!

I particularly pay attention to color and feeling because my art is focused around feeling and expressing my emotions in my art. Some days my art is my 'go to' emotionally and I don't process my choice of color scheme until afterwards when I reflect and occasionally use that emotion to title pieces.

I use blue frequently in my paintings, as a way to transfer the inner feeling of peace the color brings me onto the canvas. You can view my paintings on my website in my gallery or on my shop, where you can also purchase my work or prints. As always, thank you so much for taking the time out to read my blog. Stay tuned for next week's poll! Thank you in advance voters! Like, Share, or Comment on my work to spread the word on my art!
Xo, Samantha

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