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Artist Concept Q & A

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Why does your theme intrigue you or is of particular interest to you:

My theme is concentrated on expression and emotions through fine art. I find this intriguing because through my own experience and observation I found that creating art in general is a liberating way for people to start to connect with themselves and their emotions.

A deeper look:

I became inspired to create and become a professional artist after working with kids in the system as a mental health technician. I was able to find a way to connect with them naturally through art and encouraging expression as we worked through difficult conversations. For example most kids who had a hard time opening up about trauma would start to get to know me and build trust with me through creating and listening to music until they were ready to talk. I am hoping in the future my fine art career will allow me to connect with organizations that are looking to provide more expressive arts programs for kids to participate in after school.

What materials you are using:

I use a variety of materials including alcohol ink, isopropyl, epoxy resin, spray paints and more depending on the piece.

Why are you using them?

I use these materials because combining them with a semi uncontrolled paint method helps support the liberating process of releasing energy into my work.

How does it tie into your theme?

The materials tie into my theme because my method is semi uncontrolled and the materials support that. I concentrate heavily on my color scheme which is influenced by emotions. I have found that many people find this style of fluid artwork peaceful and memorizing. I value the connection my work has brought viewers.

What are the most recent things you are involved in?

2020 MRAC Virtual Juried Show - Philadelphia, PA

Beginning Sunday, September 13, 2020

You can view the show at

7th Annual Abstract Catalyst Exhibit - Portland, OR

Beginning September 23, 2020

The Fairway Edition

Centerfold print - November, 2020

POST 2020 has been postponed to next year.


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