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Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Welcome, if you are new to my blog!

If you are not new I wanted to take the time out to thank you for taking the time out to follow my journey with art.

Honesty is definitely key and I struggled a bit with a creative block lately as to what to make my next blog about. Stress has been a huge factor in my block. I tossed back and forth different ideas for weeks but couldn't decide on an important topic.

When I publish something on my site, I want it to be worthy of my readers time.

- I appreciate you all! -xo

That being said I decided to write about what drives me in the moments of my creations.

As I have expressed in previous blog posts, art is my way of expression and in a recent video blog post I showed everyone 'what inspires me.'

However, I didn’t mention what 'keeps me going' in the moment of my creations (that sometimes last for hours) which is what I'm writing about today.

Once I have developed a solid inspiration (which can take a lot of time or little to none)

I begin each piece with setting up my studio to be the most relaxed environment as possible. Meaning I light the incense and/or candle, I make sure my lighting is A1, I remove all distractions (except my dog, he loves it on there) and then the most important part:

I choose a playlist.

For example some of my work touches on political issues; such as my humanity paintings.

Those are all extremely strong heart felt pieces that I couldn't have created without listening to primarily rappers that sing about true pain they have experienced in the system or in everyday life, some of which I can relate too.

"I paint all of my expressions, not just the positive ones - I am 100% guilty of putting all my pain and heart on the canvas."

This style of music whether it be rap, classical, ect. It is invigorating when working to it. In moments of joy I base my playlists off of that. It is so inspiring for me to know that their are creatives out there who aren't afraid of putting themselves out there on such a raw platform, where judgement no matter what it be is inevitable.

Did you know?

When creativity reaches the brain it has a powerful effect. The visuals of art in any medium stirs emotions that are strong and evoke you to develop deep thoughts. Meanwhile the brain responds to music in a way that our circuits are wired to react emotionally. This type of stimulation lasts long term, allowing your creativity to continue to evolve, in ways that non-creatives aren’t able to experience. Art research has proven that artists develop neural systems that benefit fine motor skills to creativity and improved emotional balance.

Holy facts.

So, is art like healthy?

For most artists, yes. It's a passion that is followed and practiced not for a paycheck (most creations cost more than most can imagine) but for an outlet. I believe that some of the strongest works of art come from when you are your weakest. (Think how many artists made some of their best albums in prison or during a depression)

So much energy goes into art and the success of “art” in any medium -- music, acting, painting, and photography are only a few. Incorporating the two together is naturally positive.

As a painter, I feel the lyrics of songs and incorporate that into my art. It's not always the same, we are all unique and different. I'm sure singers get influenced and inspired by other singers, and ect. The possibilities of art and music collaborations are endless.

I ask of whoever is reading this to take the time out to appreciate creativity around you, as well as embrace it. Even if its something small like the blanket your grandmother knits or the drawing your child brings home -- acknowledge them and value how much pride and effort they put into what they make.

Right now I have 6 paintings in the Kutztown Contemporary Art Gallery, for a Halloween exhibit that will be going on throughout October. I also have my piece in Venice, Italy that is part of a mosaic, you can view on my website or on the website for Opus Magum held by artist Manuel Carrion. As always, thank you for taking the time out to read my blog. Stay tuned for my next poll!
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- Samantha

KU Gallery Address:

157 W Main St.

Kutztown, PA 19530

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